More often than not, foot and ankle conditions can be treated conservatively with bracing, casting, or orthotics. These devices provide symptomatic relief by providing stabilization or correction of the deformity.

Bracing can be used for instability of the ankle for those who have had ankle sprains. Balance braces are used to reduce fall risk. Other braces can help reduce the pain of severe, arthritic conditions and rigid flat feet. The braces are light and low profile.

Casting can be used to stabilize fractures and dislocations. Casts can also be used for chronic conditions that do not respond to other conservative therapy. In some cases, a walking cast can be used to treat an injury, but also keep you walking.

Orthotics are a great way to treat many pathologies. Orthotics are custom to your foot. We can make modifications to the orthotics to treat your specific condition. Harder plastics and cushion materials can be used in combination to fit your needs. Orthotics put your foot in a “natural” alignment, allowing your muscles and joints to work correctly.

Compression stockings are a great way to treat lower extremity acute and chronic swelling. They are also used to minimize varicose veins and reduce the chance of wounds caused by chronic swelling.

At Northern Illinois Foot and Ankle Specialist, we perform all casting and dispense all bracing, orthotics, and compression stockings at all our locations! Eliminate the travel to multiple locations to get the service you need.