Don’t let Arthritis or Tendinitis keep you from enjoying spring activities

15 May 2017 All, Arthritis

Spring is here and people all around McHenry and Lake counties are emerging from their homes and taking advantage of the change in weather to play sports, start yard work, or get in some exercise. Those struggling with arthritis, tendinitis, or heel pain, however, may dread the increased activity.

Aching, stiff joints from arthritis or sharp, shooting pain from tendinitis and lingering pain in your heel or bottom of your foot can keep you from doing daily chores, sticking to a healthy fitness routine, and participating in the activities you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! With laser therapy for arthritis, tendinitis, or heel pain, you don’t have to stay inside and suffer while others enjoy the beautiful Spring weather!

This non-invasive treatment method targets problem areas with a low-level beam of light, causing a cellular reaction within the painful areas of your foot or ankle. This, in turn, stimulates blood flow, promotes tissue repair, reduces inflammation, and boosts the healing process – thus relieving your pain and restoring your quality of life. Yeah, it can do all that!

Laser therapy for arthritis, tendinitis, and/or heel pain can be done right in our office. It is safe, effective, has no known side effects, and is pain-free. The number of sessions needed depends on the severity and location of your pain, but typically 6-12 treatments are performed over a period of 2-4 weeks.

Just think, you can go for a walk, maybe play fetch with your dog, even pull weeds – okay maybe that last thing isn’t so great, but no longer struggling with arthritis, tendinitis, or heel pain sure is! Call us at 847.639.5800 to see if laser therapy is right for you.

Happy Spring!


Many parents call our office concerned about foot pain in their children.  Foot pain is never normal and if your son or daughter is complaining of pain in their feet, it’s best to get it checked out right away!  The most common foot problem in ‘tweens’ is calcaneal apophysitis – otherwise known as pediatric heel pain.

Children will often experience this particular growing pain between the ages of 10 and 14 for girls and 12 and 16 for boys.  The secondary ossification center (the part of the bone that lets us keep growing and makes parents buy more and more shoes) will begin to close in the heel bone at this time.  When our Achilles tendon is tight (as it is in most people) it pulls on its attachment to the back of the heel bone and causes friction at that ossification center, which can lead to pain when walking or performing activities!

Another way to look at it is the Oreo cookie analogy – the heel bone and the secondary ossification center are the cookie parts and the white cream filling is the new bone trying to fuse down.  When we move the two cookie pieces along and against one anther, we create friction, and sometimes the filling gets smashed or falls out.  In this case that friction = cookie filling smashed = pain in our kids.

The good news is we have easy, conservative solutions that can keep our children active in their sport and keep us from worrying!  If your child is complaining of heel pain, give us a call at 847.639.5800 today to schedule a consultation.


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