Our physicians at Northern Illinois Foot and Ankle highly trained to treat all foot and ankle conditions with great outcomes. It all starts with a thorough history and physical examination.

The patient encounter starts with the physician listening to your history of events that led to the current state of your condition. This is very important in developing possible diagnoses that correlate with your account of events. This information is then combined with your medical history which includes current medications and allergies and prior surgeries, medical conditions, and family history.

Next, a thorough lower extremity evaluation is performed. This is correlated with your history. The physical examination covers multiple systems of the body including: vascular, neurological, musculoskeletal, biomechanical, and dermatological. Each system is important to evaluate in order to rule out certain conditions and make an accurate diagnosis.

Once the complete physical examination is finished, your provider may want to order additional testing. These may be done in the office such as x rays, vascular studies, and blood draws. Alternatively, your provider may need to order further testing from an outside facility such as MRI, CT, or nerve studies.

Finally, after your provider has completed all the examinations and studies, the findings are then considered and a diagnosis is formulated for you. All of the findings and all the possible treatments are discussed with you and a plan is formed. At the end, our physicians answer any and all of your remaining questions.